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How To Remove Cold Sores Quickly

Apr 6

Sores from cold can be embarrassing and depressing for many. The tiny blisters can pop in the most awkward of times and can last for weeks before they disappear.

Essential oils can speed up the healing process, and assist in the removal of cold sores quickly. We will be discussing the top cold sore oils and how to use these in this post.

What Are Clod Sores?

Cold sores are an common disease that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. The virus is easily passed from one person the next through contact with saliva and other bodily fluids. It can also spread skin-to-skin.

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus that infects cells that line the lining of the mouth. The cells produce blisters that carry the virus. The blisters usually break open, releasing the virus. It could then transmitted to other parts of the body, or to other individuals.

Good news is that cold sores aren't the only ones to transmit to other people. While active blisters are by far the most commonly used method of spreading the virus, you may be able to spread it even if you don't have symptoms.

Treatment for Cold Sores

There is no solution to cold sores, however, there are remedies which can reduce the length of duration they last and make them less painful. Some people also find that essential oils used to treat cold sores can accelerate the healing process.

If you're looking for an alternative to using natural remedies for the cold sores on your body, here are a few essential oils that may help:

Lavender oil - It has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties making it an excellent choice to treat cold sores. It is possible to apply it directly on the sore or apply it to diffusers.

peppermint oil peppermint oil is an oil alternative that is known to have antiviral properties. It has a cooling effect that reduces pain and inflammation caused by cold sores. You can apply it directly to the sore , or use it in a diffuser.

Tea Tree oil - Tea tree oil has been proven to be a potent natural antiseptic. It can be applied directly to the sore or added to a carrier oil such as coconut oil for use on the skin.

Eucalyptus oil- Eucalyptus oils possess analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. They're a fantastic option to treat cold sores. It is able to be directly applied to the sore or used as a diffuser.

What is essential Work?

Each one of these essential oils has been proven effective in the treatment of sores that are cold. These essential oils can be utilized in combination to provide an even more effective treatment. It is possible to apply the oils directly on the area affected or mix them with a carrier oil like coconut oil to create an application for the skin. To inhale the healing vapors from the oils, you can inhale the oils. Use whichever method you find most comfortable and efficient for you.

Essential oils for cold sores:

  • Apply the oil directly on the sore.
  • Include them in the carrier oil, like coconut oil, for use in topical applications.
  • Inhale the calming vapors of the oils by spreading them around

You can also use essential oils to stop cold sores from forming in the first place. Add a few drops lemon, lavender, or tea tree oil to your favorite lip balm or moisturizer and apply it regularly. These oils have antiseptic and antiviral properties that can aid in keeping your lips clean and free from infections.


We'd like to conclude by saying that using essential oils is a great solution to rid yourself of cold sores swiftly and easily. Essential oils contain healing properties that can accelerate healing and reduce the intensity of the issue. They are highly recommended!