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The Best Online Consignment Store To Buy Your Clothes

Apr 20

Are you a collector of clothes you don't wear? Maybe it's the right time to dispose of them at a consignment shop. Consignment stores are a great option to sell your clothes and make cash.

Consignment shops aren't all created equal. So, which is the most effective? After doing some research, we found that The Whaley Center is the best consignment store in town.

 What Is A Consignment Store?

Consignment shops are stores that sell second-hand clothes as well as other products. The items are typically donated by those who do not want or need them.

Consignment shops are an excellent option for clothing to be reused and also other items. Consignment stores can also be a great way make extra cash.

How Does It Work?

The Whaley Center is a consignment store that accepts women's children's, and men's clothing and jewelry, shoes, handbags and even home decor.

You will need to sign a contract before you can consign an item. Then, drop your objects off at the location. The Whaley Center will price your items and then place them on the floor for sale. You will be paid 40 percent of the sale price if your items sell.

The Best Consignment Store to Sell Your Clothes

If you're looking for a place to sell your clothes, The Whaley Center is the most reputable retailer in town. We take all kinds of clothing , from women's clothes to kids's , and men's.

To sell an item, simply sign a contract and drop off your items at the store. We will take care of the price and then place them on the sales floor. When they sell you'll get an amount equal to 40 percent of the sale price.

How to sell Clothing at The Whaley Center

First, you need to make a commitment. You can complete this on the internet or in-store and takes only less than a minute. Once you've signed the contract, you're able to drop off your items at the store during normal operating hours. We'll take care of pricing and then place them on the sale floor. When they sell, you'll receive an amount equal to 40 percent of the sale price.

What Clothes Are Accepted

We accept clothing for women, men, and children, as well in accessories and shoes. We will accept gently used pieces that are up to date with current fashions. All items must be in excellent condition, free of staining.


Q: How often can I introduce new items?

A: You are free to bring any new products you'd like. You are able to bring items in at any time, even if it's a special occasion.

Q: What's your consignment period?

A: Consignment periods are 60 days. This allows your merchandise ample time to sell and keep our sales floor clean and current with the latest trends.

Q: Do you provide pickup or delivery services?

A: Yes! A: Yes! We know it's not always convenient to drop your things off in the store. We can, for a fee we will pick up and delivery.

Q: How do I know when my items have been sold?

A you will receive a monthly report detailing your earnings as well as which items have been sold.

Selling your clothes can be the perfect way to earn an extra income, but it can be hard to figure out where to begin. The Whaley Center is the best consignment shop in town and we're ready to answer all of your questions!


Thank you for thinking about signing to our company. We hope that this post has been able to answer some of your questions. We're happy to assist you with any queries you may have or arrange a pick-up.

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