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Complete DIY Guide To Tint Your Car Windows Like A Pro

Jul 1

Drying tints for car windows can be a difficult task. If it is not done correctly the film could end up wrinkled or bubbled. In this blog, we'll show you how to dry tint your car windows as a professional! We'll walk you through the steps and suggestions to ensure you get the best results. Let's get started!

Window Tinting

Window tinting refers to the use of a thin film over the glass of a car's windows. The film will reduce the amount of sunlight that is reflected into the car and it can also provide security and privacy. There are many types of tinting films for windows each with its own benefits.

The Best Type of Window Tinting Film for Your Car

The kind of tinting film you pick will depend on your needs and preferences. If you reside in a hot climate, then you may want to choose a film that blocks out more heat. If you're seeking privacy, you may need to select the darker tint. There are numerous kinds of window tinting films which means you'll find the one that is suitable for your requirements.

Applying The Window Tinting Film

After you have chosen the appropriate type of window tinting for your vehicle It is now the time to put it in place. This process is not difficult, however it does take some effort. You'll need to clean your car's windows before you begin, and then you will be required to peel off the backing of the film.

After the film has been applied, you'll need to smoothen it with the help of a squeezer. After applying the film, you should let it dry for 24 hours before driving your vehicle.

How to Get Window Tinting Film

It's easy to get rid of the tinting film on your car windows. To get rid of the film, you'll need a razor blade. You can then employ a cleaner to get rid of any film left.

How to Dry Window Tint.

Window tinting can help make your car look more attractive and also more private. It is essential to dry your tinted car windows prior to driving. Here are some suggestions for drying window tint.

The hairdryer must be used To use it, turn the hairdryer on the lowest setting and place it 12 inches away from the window. Then slowly move the hairdryer around until all of the windows have dried.

It is possible to use a heating gun the same way as a hair dryer. Just make sure that you keep the device moving to ensure that it doesn't cause damage to the film.

Utilize a squeegee once the tint is dry, you can use a squeegee to eliminate any bubbles that might have been formed. It is recommended to start with the top of the tint and work your way down.

Use acredit card: If you don't have a squeegee, you can utilize a credit card eliminate bubbles. Be careful not to scratch the film.

These tips will help you make sure that your car's windows are free of bubbles before you drive it. Window tints can enhance the appearance of your car while keeping its occupants private. When you apply window tint, just ensure that the tint is completely dry before you hit the road.


By following these simple tips You can get rid of the moisture in your car windows like a pro! Window tint is a great method to enhance the look of your car and keep its passengers more private. Make sure it is clean prior to driving in your vehicle.

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