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Ecopoxy Mold Release Tape

Dec 13

All American Wood Works has the most impressive new product named Ecopoxy Mold Release Tape, and it's one you must be able to see for yourself. This tape not only keeps your wood from getting stuck in your molds but also protects your wood's surface and makes your next finishing process simpler. Additionally, we're offering a very affordable price for a case of five rolls that are sure to help you save money in the long run!

What is the reason to use Mold Release Tape?

Ecopoxy mold removal tape can be described as an eco-friendly method of getting rid of mold. The tape is constructed of recycled materials and is utilized in conjunction with other ecopoxy products. It is also biodegradable , and suitable for use on food-contact surfaces.

How to Install and Use Mold Release Tape

Mold Release Tape is a self-adhesive tape utilized to create a physical separation between the mold and the area being molded. To provide a perfect molding surface, it is typically employed in conjunction with release agents.

Mold Release Tape is available in a variety of lengths and widths to fit different sizes of molds. The tape must be applied evenly across the perimeter of the mold, making sure there aren't any gaps. Once the mold is completely covered the release agent may be applied.

Both liquid and aerosol agents are available. It is important to coat evenly the Mold Release Tape with a liquid release agent. To achieve the best results, several coats might be required. If using a aerosolable release agent, it is important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer on application.

After the mold release agent is dried, you can install the Mold Release Tape. Begin by peeling off one corner of the adhesive tape. Then, you need to make sure it is aligned with the mold's sides. Continue pressing down on the tape until it is secure around the edge.

What Mold Release Tape Is the Right One for You?

There are numerous types of mold release tape available on the market. Each has distinct advantages. We'll show you some of the most common options so that you can choose which one suits your requirements.

Mold Release Tape Type 1 Type #1: Polyester

Many reasons make the mold release tape made of polyester is very popular. It's durable and sturdy yet flexible enough to be able to fit any surface. It also has an excellent release agent to prevent sticking and makes cleaning a breeze.

Mold Release Tape #2 Mold Release Tape #2: PTF

PTFE, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is another type of mold release tape that offers many benefits. It's strong and flexible, but also durable like polyester. However, it also has a very low coefficient of friction which means it has a smooth surface to help to prevent tearing and sticking. Additionally, PTFE mold release tape is chemically resistant and can be able to withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for challenging applications.

Type 3: Silicone Mold Release Tape

Silicone mold-release tape is a new option available on the market. It offers many unique benefits. Silicone mold release tape is flexible and used to adjust to uneven surfaces. Also, silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures, making it suitable for high heat applications. Silicone is a soft surface which can reduce tear and stickiness.

What's the difference between Ecopoxy Paper, Felt, and Ecopoxy?

In the case of mold removal agents, there are three main types: paper, felt and ecopoxy. Each one has its own benefits and unique properties that make them perfect for various uses. Here's a brief summary of the main differences between these three types of mold removal agents:

Paper: Mold release agents are generally made from silicone-coated paper or wax-coated papers. They provide a non-sticky surface that inhibits adhesion and sticking. Mold releases made of paper are typically used in cases in which release is required, however there is no need for a heavy-duty agent.

Felt Mold release agents: Felt are generally made from wool or synthetic fibers. These agents are more powerful than paper-based agents and can be used to release heavier-duty molds. Felt releases can also help to prolong the lifespan of molds by providing a cushioning effect.

Ecopoxy: Ecopoxy mold release are made of natural or recycled materials and have been designed to be environmentally friendly. They offer a fast and effective release and are safe to use in conjunction with food items. They are employed often in situations in which sustainability and environmental protection is of paramount concern.


Ecopoxy's mold-removal tape is an excellent method to avoid sticking and make it easy to get rid of your final product. The tape is made of biodegradable substances, which means you'll be able to feel confident using it without harming the environment. It's also affordable and you don't need to shell out a lot of money to buy a roll. Try Ecopoxy's mold-release tape a go every time you work with epoxy resin and see the difference in how easy and effective it is.

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