5 causes you shouldn't fish and not using a license in California

If you are new to fishing you may not be aware of the protection-related benefits that come with purchasing a fishing license.

While there are some circumstances in which you can fish without a license in California (such as fishing days off or fishing from a public pier in ocean or bay waters), why should you limit yourself to these situations? In addition, buying a fishing license will help maintain it.

Check out these five specific reasons why buying a fishing license is a smart conservation move compared to fishing without a license.

  1. Your purchase of a fishing license will help maintain it through education and recruitment programs. The more people start fishing, the greater the need for public education on issues such as species identification, conservation, regulations, and appropriate fishing and release techniques.
  2. The funds from your California fishing license will be used for improved boat and fishing access. This can include new boat ramps or upgrades to existing facilities.
  3. Fishing license funds support long-term conservation plans for state waterways. This includes funding important research projects by government biologists to maintain the natural balance of our ecosystems, as well as fish stocking and hatchery programs.
  4. One hundred percent of the royalties go straight to maintenance and restoration – not twenty-five percent, not fifty percent … one hundred percent!
  5. A valid state fishing license is required by law. Unless it's a federal fishing free day, you are under 16 years of age or are fishing from a public pier (check for updates as per California Fisheries Regulations). This means that fishing without a license can result in a fine or penalty.

Knowing why buying a fishing license is important versus fishing without a license in California (or any other state), get your fishing license today and help conserve your state's aquatic resources.

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