7 suggestions for an organized fishing sort out

Someone once said “preparation is key” and the same advice applies to fishing. Seasoned anglers agree that having an organized fishing box can make for a more productive and enjoyable day on the water.

To illustrate, imagine you had a large fish on the hook when the line suddenly snaps. You'll need to tie again quickly so you can get your leash back in the water for another shot. When your fishing tackle is in disarray, you'll be desperate for the right leader, soft bait, hook, line cutters, scented gel … until your frustration gets the most out of you! At this point, you might as well pack it up and head home.

To put your mind at ease, here are 7 tips on how to set up a fishing box and keep your sanity.

  1. Choose fishing tackle boxes or bags that are suitable for your needs and have numerous storage and organization options.
  2. Use clear storage boxes to store and organize terminal equipment like bait, hooks, and sinkers.
  3. First, sort the device based on the type of type you are targeting. Bass fishing tackle in one box, backcountry saltwater tackle in another. Then sort by the type of device. Topwaters together, spoons together, crank baits together, etc.
  4. Store soft plastic baits in the bags or containers they came in. Avoid mixing colors or placing soft baits with hard baits as the chemicals can cause damage and the colors can bleed together.
  5. Label the outside of each box.
  6. Use side pockets for spools of line.
  7. Place pliers, line cutters, and unhookers in an easily accessible outer bag.

Now that you know how to set up a fishing box, it's time to check out these tips! For more items you may need, see 9 dedicated items for setting up your fishing tackle box. Have fun organizing!

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