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A More Perfect Union: Democratic Debate Takeaways

A chase to  progress

Seven candidates are facing off in the sixth televised Democratic debate at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, co-hosted by PBS and Politico. The debate questions turned to women leaders and age after a break.

The moderators are PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor Judy Woodruff, Politico chief political correspondent Tim Alberta, PBS NewsHour senior national correspondent Amna Nawaz, and PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor.

Andrew Yang delivers on universal income, China’s 5g and surveillance threat. Climate change approaches by Yang and Warren contrast regarding nuclear energy.

Warren made the right choice in a red blazer outfit.

Elizabeth Warren Red Jacket
Elizabeth Warren wears Red Jacket at Democratic Debate at Loyola Marymount.

Amy K. Looked presidential and forgot her third point just like Veep did in that one episode, the crowd still loved her.

Pete kept to himself and was less controversial, probably scoping the audience’s reaction for lucrative ideas posed by Yang in regards to the autonomy and systematic odds against the equal representation of minorities on the Loyola Marymount stage and other parts of the industries.

Warren spoke up about the corruption of money in politics.

Biden gives concrete examples of policy changes he would make but many argue his association with Obama would jeopardize his chances against the red wave in 2020.

Warren came down hard on Pete’s high dollar private Hollywood fundraiser and criticized the lack of transparency.

Pete lashed back at Warren when he spoke about the money from anyone willing to beat Donald Trump and stressed purity tests erode campaign messaging.

Pete also took on student debt.

Senator Amy stole the thunder when she interrupted by highlighting the actual time spent to propose new ideas against big money.

Senator Sanders addresses Palestine and Israel.

Sawyer speaks on the urge to stop climate change.

Contrasting point of view scattered Twitter.

The gifts of the Democratic Debate: American teamwork

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