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2020 Laws of California Update

Guns A police officer stands guard outside Gilroy High School soon after the July 28 mass shooting that occurred at a nearby festival site.(Nhat V. Meyer / Associated Press)   Employers, co-workers, and teachers will...

The Future is the classroom

Classroom education is evolving quickly, and there’s a growing awareness among educators and families that today’s curriculum needs to evolve to meet tomorrow’s reality. Beyond tools and technology, students need to develop new skills to solve tough problems, collaborate effectively, and express ideas in new ways.

Nathan Grayson: Vloggers may unionize upon Youtube terms change

To say that YouTubers have an uneasy relationship with the company that hosts their videos would be a massive understatement. It’s not uncommon for YouTube to demonetize videos with little in the way of explanation and, as a recent term of service update reminded users, it can also just straight up to remove videos and channels whenever it wants, should it deem such a thing necessary. This has led to renewed calls for YouTubers to unionize, although the logistics of an action like that might be tricky.