Cat parents make mini laptops to keep Kitty off their keyboard

When you have cats, get used to the fact that they want to be part of pretty much everything you do. But to meet cats’ needs, cat parents need to get creative. After all, it’s not easy to do things with a cat on your lap or a shadow. And when they’re in the vocal mood, meow’s melody certainly won’t help you focus on the task at hand.

There’s one particular thing that most cats seem to enjoy, as a 2020 TikTok trend shows, and it’s on the laptop while you’re trying to work. With closings and bans in 2020, much of the world started working and training from home and the cats loved it! The laptops were theirs now, as was the lion’s share of our attention.

TikTok user @bestcoastbaby gave a reason for the theft of the laptop: “I read on the internet that cats step on your laptop because they mirror you. So if you get them their own laptop, they leave you alone. ”

She then shows us a picture of her little businessman on his own computer!

@ bestcoastbaby / TikTok

But do cats really sit on laptops to mirror their humans?

Mirror behavior or seek attention

The science behind this thought has not definitely been proven. According to Dr. However, Kristyn Vitale, an expert in animal behavior and cognition at Oregon State University’s Human-Animal Interaction Lab, cats have the ability to mimic us. Still, there are likely several reasons cats choose to sit on our computers.

“Some cats may sit on the laptop to be closer to their owner, while other cats may sit on the laptop because it’s warm or for some other reason. Every cat is an individual, so we cannot assume that all cats engage in this behavior for the same reason. “

While we may never know why cats choose our laptops as their hangouts, cat lovers still shoo kittens off keyboards. Just like Mishi, the cat’s parents.

@mishidetalca / TikTok

Mishi’s mini laptop

Mishi loves a good laptop that sprawls across her parents’ keyboard all the time. But with Papa Joshe trying to do schoolwork, the stupid gray cat had to find another place to sit. Mishi’s people decided to follow social media advice and give their cute cat her own laptop. But they approached it in a small way.

@mishidetalca / TikTok

They made Mishi her own mini Macbook in which to do all of her cat business. It turned out that she was pretty much the fan. The video shows the cute cat with her laptop and her father with his. Another win for solving cat problems with creativity!


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