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Latest Start-Up Funding Contest


Chamillionaire & E40 Team With Republic To Fund $25K Investment Up For Grabs 


During Black History Month rapper, entrepreneur and angel investor, Chamillionaire ran a contest for Black-founded start-ups in which he invested $10K in the best one.

He announced the competition on the Convoz app, which is a social video conversation platform, and the response was overwhelming.

Today, along with fellow investor, E40, and equity investing platform, Republic, the stakes are higher, with a $25K investment up for grabs to the best minority or women-founded start-up.

Again the contest will be announced on Convoz, with the rules made available on the app’s home page. The deadline for submitting your investment pitch is June 15th and the winner will be announced June 21.

Chamillionaire has long held the vision for more minority inclusion in the tech and investing world and it is something that he and other celebrity investors will continue to champion in the coming years.

That mission makes the perfect partner since the platform is built on the ethos of equalization of the fundraising landscape. Currently, caucasians make up 87 percent of VC-backed CEO’s and 97 percent of those positions are held by men.

Since, as the saying goes, talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not, it’s inspiring to witness some captains of industry doing their part to level the playing field.

Download the Convoz app for iOS or Android to keep track as the competition heats up.

Platform for startups to raise capital and for everyone to invest in startups. You can invest as little as $10 in a highly curated and diverse set of startups and earn a return if the startup succeeds. Republic operates under Title III, JOBS Act regulations enacted in 2016, which allow for anyone––regardless of income or net worth––to invest in privately-held companies. Republic is a spin-out of, and sister company to, AngelList. Visit to learn more!

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