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Charity Organization Sues SPACES at the ROW in DTLA for employee’s grand-theft

Profit over Non-Profit in tech-dominated industry disputes

UNDA, a non-profit organization that teaches digital literacy filed a lawsuit Friday against the popular office lease franchise SPACES at the ROW in DTLA for negligence over an office theft which resulted in an employee’s car and identity theft that was carried out by a network of juvenile delinquents who are now under the custody of the Wattson Police Department.

“For an organization which prides itself on providing equitable creative spaces and opportunities that cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, they sure can lead their tenants in one messy direction, but the true victims here, are the kids involved, those who committed the crime, but also those who we aid into getting to where they need to be to be ethical contributors to our society,” said Diego Andres, Executive Director of UNDA, “the problem goes beyond fault, it is about the integrity of our community and the promise SPACES made to the customer.”

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi
 Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi 

According to the documents filed, while still representing UNDA’s interests, SPACES assisted one individual who claimed was there for an internship. Allegations of landlord retaliation, after the alleged admittance of the unidentified minor at the front desk, aided and abetted breach of tenant information, UNDA will move forward with the lawsuit.

The original lawsuit claims, during developments of the incident and police findings, SPACES deliberately shut off UNDA’s services, preventing the firm from accessing any of their compromised files, including access to the 24-hour facility used to teach kids how to build software.

The lawsuit seeks damages for lost business, profits and opportunities, damage to UNDA’s reputation with the state and families they served, and punitive damages, among other damages and costs.

Impressionist reached out to SPACES for comment, but they have not responded.

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