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Our work fosters effective communication, exciting design, and grassroots movements ensuring social advancement of Latino youth who are currently the biggest student group in California. UNDA has partnered with Brain Pop as part of this comprehensive digital toolkit.


Our toolkit includes the following:

a.    Personal digital need assessment
b.    Digital Literacy Packet
c.    Broadband Adoption
d.    24-hour support
e.    Social media set up
f.    Professional headshots for Linked In and Resume

Our program curriculums will enhance areas of neurological development. The following table displays schools UNDA will reach out to for kit implementation.

Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School
John Muir Middle School
James Madison Middle SchoolComputer Science and Engineering Design Magnet
Edwin Markham Middle School
Mark Twain Middle School
San Fernando Institute of Applied Media
Joseph LeConte Middle School
Maclay Middle School
Christopher Columbus Middle School
San Fernando Middle School
Johnnie Cochran Middle School
Virgil Middle School
Robert E. Peary Middle School
Chester W.  Nimitz Middle School
Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter Middle School