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Automobile Industry in Havoc

Phoenix, AZ., — Lyft announced it would begin to let users request Waymo’s driverless Google minivans in Tucson, Arizona, starting this month, one step closer to the future of autonomous travel.

For a little bit over two years now, exactly the second week of May 2019, Waymo completes rigorous trial runs with the state of Arizona to let users try the autonomous ride-hailing without signing NDAs, but now users in Phoenix may request a ride on its app while the conductor is present.

Second quarter sales doubled and ridership experienced 95 percent growth for Lyft; all-the-while stakeholders watch closely for the market share it has over it’s rival Uber, who had a shaky IPO opening this week.

All Tesla vehicles on the road today have the necessary hardware and software to access the autonomous driving mode. Although this autopilot feature is currently available for most Tesla owners, it is good news to the investors of a ride-sharing startup seeking momentum for adoption in other city markets.

Critics doubted Musk’s initial plan to produce an affordable, zero-emission, fully redundant, computing solution vehicle. But Tesla’s was able to bring the price tag to $38,000 for the full-stack integrated vehicle, by developing its own software, battery production and in-house designed hardware computer for all of its models.

Next year, Musk expects to have the first fleet of self-operating Tesla taxis, or at least, regulatory approval he stated.

Scaling this technology has been a wild ride on multiple levels of the courts in states but also human perception is being shaped via public education campaigns across the nation, another tough ride.

If someone can provide a self-driving car that accurately depicts reality, that within itself is a monumental achievement. Elon Musk

For example, if a Tesla encounters a problem that it has not encountered before on the road, it will communicate with the power of the fleet to cross verify with the extensive, varied, real data, fleet learning, “shadow mode” on its network and to let the car control the outcome of the situation.

In this video, the driver of this Tesla implements the self-driving feature by punching in the address of the location he is going to and arriving to point B of the destination.

Big Recommendations

  • Teslas are cool, but I’d wait for the market to come out of “Beta” mode. It is too early to tell whether Musk’s ideas will stick, or they will be regarded as too early for their time. We do live in an era of empty promises, so wait for the Honda’s or the Beamers of the industry to implement the sound technology
  • Don’t become too reliant on autonomy, and keep your mobile independence
  • Make sure to get a chunk of the pie by either investing in autonomous vehicles that will make you money, dealing cars, or invest prior to the rise of the stock value in any of the better companies leading because the institutions do not care how many people are left behind who’s income depends on the business of driving, so by embracing the change, and restructuring business ideas around this free-fall, it is best to pave your one way

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