Elan Clothing comfort with style while playing with your pets

Finding something to wear that is both comfortable and stylish while playing with your dog is beyond difficult. A lot of brands only design “going-out” clothes and “work-out” clothes, no in-between. Where are the outfits for the girls who want to sight-see walking the endless winding roads on the Amalfi Coast, but be ready for brunch right after? I mean, work-out clothes are trendy and all, but they are not suitable for a cute brunch by the seaside. So why should you compromise your comfort for style, or style for comfort? You shouldn’t, and now, you don’t have to. We are going to let you in on a secret, one a lot of shoppers don’t even know. Are you ready? You don’t have to give up being fashionable, just to feel comfortable on a long journey! There are brands out there that create clothes specifically for those travelling individuals who want to be ready to snap a pic at a moment’s notice. One of those brands? Elan Clothing.

Designed by Elan Savir in 1991, the brand focuses on a contemporary relaxed fit, ideal for any adventure your day might include. Savir created these pieces to appreciate the value of clothing without neglecting the look and the style. Whether you are wanting to walk the streets in Milan or attend a concert in Nashville, Elan has an outfit perfect for any adventure that awaits you.

The brand itself is inspired by people who love to travel, and their desire to explore fashion trends from around the globe. Whether you love to explore or are looking for an outfit that resembles pieces that are popular in other countries, shopping with Elan makes this easy for any fashionably comfort driven shopper. Regardless of the outfit, their styles are sure to flatter anyone’s body type.

Elan Clothing guarantees comfort with style. Their collections focus on promoting an outfit which you can wear anywhere, without sacrificing how you look or how you feel. Designs ranging from casual to dressy, their goal is to build relationships with customers, providing them with a wardrobe that excites them. They also promote the growth of individuals, as feeling like yourself and flourishing into the person you aspire to be is crucial in life. Explore your go-to style with Elan Clothing, they promise that you will find comfort with every purchase.

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