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South side Hustle

Mexican-American, interdisciplinary artist, Gus Alva’s solo exhibit Because X, There is Y featured at Il Caffe in DTLA this spring,  illustrates his hopeful endeavors as an up-and-coming artist.

“Bridging the Gap” can be seen as the theme to describe Gus Alva’s ambitious attempt to achieve status within the world of contemporary fine arts, displaying an elaborate array of artworks that aim to communicate a powerful message.

The collection of artworks crafted by Gus Alva-inspired by architecture, color, and patterns of urban-inhabitance. The work aspires to convey an appreciation for the textural and cultural richness that exists within the vastness of Los Angeles.

The intellectual framing of the artwork was guided by Alva’s research on the relationship between socio-economic, and human behavior patterns, bringing up an overarching question; Are people’s environment a direct reflection of your psychological health, and vice versa? This information offered an opportunity to analyze the scale of statistics, and the resilient qualities intrinsic to the residents themselves.

Each piece was meticulously constructed from sourced-repurposed materials found in local fereterias.

At this point of production, the data became a direct reference-point for design. Infrastructures transformed metaphorical indicators of wealth, knowledge, and point for the design. Infrastructures transformed into metaphorical indicators of wealth, knowledge, and beliefs. Neighborhood-fencing embodied safety as well as capacity. Structural design was influenced by iconography. Collectively, the concept leads to an elaborate-array of artworks displaying intricacy and depth of perception.

Gus Alva

Alva’s shows humility in his work by broadcasting his creative process on Instagram, a popular platform for many up and coming artists of LA. What makes an artist good? Good art. What makes a true artist great? Empathy and humility in great art. All pieces sold and the display will last until the end of spring.

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November 2018: (X+Y=) #commitmenttoyourcraft

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