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Hospitality Industry Banks on Virtual Experiences and Raves

TIDAL, the artist-owned global music and entertainment platform will bring artists and fans closer together through unique original content and exclusive events by serving them straight to sbe properties.

Photo by Austin Distel

A millennial international hospitality group that develops, manages and operates luxury hospitality brands announced a partnership with TIDAL, the global music streaming and entertainment platform.

The partnership will bring streaming services to sbe venues in the US and UK, banking on the augmented reality and the Internet of things mainly driven by the international demand of 5G networks and music festival live streaming.

This week, TIDAL announced a change in marketing strategy and it halted all US and UK affiliate marketing programs, “At this time we have changed our program strategy and no longer wish to continue an affiliate relationship,” said Soraya Davari, Affiliate Marketing Manager with TIDAL.

TIDAL is competing for dominance of the streaming music industry with Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, to name a few, but many are losing traction as fees go up, and innovation staggers to bring new millennials into the hospitality marketplace.

Music is a major contributor to the ambience of any space or event. The sbe group created a welcoming and sophisticated environment for their guests across properties and our soundtrack will undoubtedly take the experience to the next level.

Lior Tibon, Chief Operating Officer

The collaboration with TIDAL reinforces the market’s demand for more consumption of live entertainment, where giants like Facebook’s incorporating live streaming watch parties and Spectacles by Snapchat’s, and Twitch, the game streaming service.

Breaking the Middle Ground

This partnership reaches the millennial group “too broke to party” but who are still spending money traveling who don’t mind the discounted experience.

Through the partnership, both brands will provide exclusive offers and benefits to their respective customers. sbe guests will receive a free 3-month TIDAL HiFi subscription followed by 20 percent off annually where they will have access to the platform’s extensive library of over 60 million songs, 250,000 high-quality videos and a catalog of original video series.

TIDAL is available in 54 countries, the streaming service has more than 60 million songs and 250,000 videos in its catalog along with original video series, podcasts, thousands of expertly curated playlists and artist discovery via TIDAL Rising appealing to young new artists.

Recorded music revenues, 2012-2018, $millions. Source: RIAA.
Recorded music revenues, 2012-2018, $millions. Source: RIAA. GIANTSTEPS MEDIA TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES via Forbes Bill Rosenblatt Contributor

Interactive streaming, through services like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, is now dominating the industry even more than before. Revenue from those services is now 63% of overall industry revenue, and total subscribership has topped the 50 million mark. Digital radio (Pandora, Sirius XM satellite radio and streams of AM/FM stations) is also returning to growth after stalling last year, exceeding the $1 billion mark in 2018 and adding another 12% of industry revenue. That means that streaming now accounts for three-quarters of total industry revenue. (Fobes)

TIDAL is also incorporating member benefits granted access to exclusive benefits when staying at sbe properties including the fourth night free during consecutive stays, complimentary upgrades, and late checkouts, depending on hotel availability.

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