Ice fishing items which you could really feel assured about

So there is an ice angler in your life, you want to give him or her a present for this winter sport and you need some ice fishing gift ideas. As a former ice fisherman (where I live now, there is no fishable ice) and someone who has answered the question about the fishing ideas many times, I have the following suggestions for ice fishing gifts – all things that you can feel confident about Do you know something about ice fishing or not.

Avoid sport-specific equipment.

Do not try to guess what type of equipment they will need / can use unless you are an ice angler and you are unsure of what the receiver needs or wants and what equipment is and which is not used at the receiver's location.

Get a Sport Shop Gift Certificate.

This is the easy way out of the ice fishing gifts problem. However, most avid anglers prefer their own gear (rod, reel, bait, etc.). Recipients can choose what they want with a gift certificate from a local sports store that sells ice fishing accessories.

Get a fishing license.

Not glamorous, but practical. And especially if the recipient is young, consider getting a lifetime fishing license, a gift that will be given to the recipient for a lifetime. It's also a great way for them to remember you.

Keep them warm.

We're talking about underwear, outerwear, gloves and shoes when they don't already have what is needed in relation to them. Of course, you need to know the sizes if you are giving away actual merchandise, otherwise it will be time for the gift certificate. As gifts for ice fishing, hand and toe warmers and possibly heated socks or heated boot inserts are also worthwhile. You can find a good selection of these items in the ski shops.

Educate them with a book or DVD / video.

Yes, this is old school and you can find lots of guides on the internet. But a local sports store can do something relevant in that direction. Pay special attention to a local-focused fishing guide who is helpful all year round for fishing information.

Try a fun gift.

I am thinking of a mug, t-shirt, calendar, etc. – something to celebrate the fun of ice fishing and / or the sanity / hardiness / zeal of the participants – a celebratory type of gift. Whether you want to give ice fishing as a Christmas or birthday present, it's a time to celebrate.

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Happy Holidays!

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