Meet Dumbledore

Name and age of the dog: Dumbledore, age 6

Nicknames: Dumble, Dumble Bumblebee, Dumble Dude

Adoption history: We decided to visit an animal shelter on New Years Day in 2014. The shelter had just received a litter of puppies and informed us that these puppies had been abandoned by their previous owners. The owners took the mother but left the pups behind! A nice older couple noticed that the pups lived outdoors and were taking care of themselves. When we saw Dumbledore all we knew was that he was our pup.

He was the smallest of the litter and his siblings would literally push him out of the way so that he couldn't access the bowl. Well, little knew then that he would find an eternal family and now Dumbledore is such a big part of our lives. As many pet owners would agree, our fur animals make our hearts 100 times bigger. With Dumbledore we just couldn't imagine living without him.

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When he gets the "zoomies" he takes a treat from our hands and tosses it around like a volleyball. At the end of a long day, he'll come and put his head on our leg and then stare at us. Although I do notice this usually happens around meal time!

Dumbledore is a cute dog who loves his family unconditionally.

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