Meet the princess

Name and age of the dog: Princess, 15 years

Nicknames: Pookie

Adoption history: I volunteer at Marty & # 39; s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in Allentown, New Jersey. During New Jersey's COVID quarantine, all dogs were placed in nursing homes. The fourteen year old princess came to me in March and quickly snaked her way into the family unit and our hearts. She shares our home with two sisters who are also being saved, and I call her my jester. She makes me laugh every day with her dramatic antics.

She loves hanging out with her big sisters, she follows them everywhere. Princess loves to play with her stuffed animals all day and cuddle with them at night. But I think her favorite things are abdominal massages and air conditioning vents. She learned that the air conditioning vents in the conservatory are a cool place to lie down. If the air isn't running, it stands over the opening, looking in, and licking the cover hoping to get it working.

She will turn 15 in a few days and has so much personality and energy for an older dog. People have no idea how wonderful older dogs can be. It had an owner for 14 years and was turned over to Marty & # 39; s Place when her owner was forced to enter senior citizens' homes that didn't allow pets. Heartbreaking for the owner, I'm sure, but also difficult for the dogs. Her spirit and perseverance impress me – realizing she was in a safe place, she blossomed.

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