Meet Widgie

Dog’s name and age: Widgie, 4 years

Nicknames: Widgemeister, Widgadoodle, Widgini

Adoption story: An elderly couple had adopted Widgie from the shelter at 8 weeks and by 6 months they couldn’t keep up with her anymore. It wasn’t a good match. We had just lost our Golden Retriever and were in search of another dog. After meeting her, we took her home immediately and introduced her to our other Golden Tillie. It was definitely not love at first sight, but they worked it out and became good buddies. The rescue had named her Bella, but she was not a Bella! So, she became The Widget which we shortened to Widgie.

Widgie loves to zoom! She gets the zoomies playing with her Labradoodle friend and with her stuffed frog that croaks. Her favorite friend is our neighbor and his son, Max. We visit every day and if Max is home Widgie does crazy circles around him and gets in his lap. 

We decided her breed must be a “Belgian Zoom Terrier,” and many people think they have heard of this incredibly special breed when we tell them!

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