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New Media or Die

It’s the biggest assignment in journalism, will new media shrink to let others thrive?


Take a 167-year-old news organization and reconfigure it radically so that it can compete on the global stage against countless young digital upstarts.

New specialized media startups like Mitú, who attracts millennial bilingual Latinos with memes, and The Young Turks, who relates to a more international advocacy inclined audience who now dominate the unexplored digital discourse.

If it’s done right, billions of people could end up with trusted, independent, impartial news they would never otherwise have had access to.

On the other hand, if it’s done wrong — or if it’s not assigned at all — then one of the world’s most storied newswires might be entering its final years.

The international community is struggling to reach a stable balance of freedom of speech and censorship that alter the pillars of society.

Drawing the line is blurring of it


Last Wednesday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris announced a call to action that will address the abuse of technology to spread terrorist content and extremism.

Hours later, the White House launched a new tool that will allow any U.S. citizen to submit a complaint if they think they were unfairly censored on social media platforms. Skeptics were quick to point out that the online form was not very sophisticated and could be easily gamed by anyone who wanted to troll the administration.

The White House says the tool is meant to help people share stories about ways social media platforms unfairly targeted their free speech, but the online form where users can submit requests also appears to be a mechanism for collecting their email addresses.

Keeping it social


Facebook is under international scrutiny highlighting the young industry’s gross negligence in the handling of user data, subject to cyber attacks that exploit misinformation campaigns to alter outcomes in political issues.

Privacy concerns and heated political debates worldwide happening online shift the nature of media consumption because regardless of who wants to set the pulse of media coverage, players like 4Chan, Reddit, NextDoor or Civ.Works will reshape the structure of delivering the news.

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