Police K9 Battling Most cancers With The Assist Of His Group

Chelan County is a county in Washington with a population of about 77,000. Like many areas across the U.S., Chelan County has four-legged officers who keep residents safe.

Recently, Chelan County Sheriff Department’s K9 officer Ruben was diagnosed with cancer. The department is relying on the public’s help to make sure Ruben and his other four-legged comrades can get the medical care they need.

Ruben Has A Sniffer With A Massive Responsibility

K9 Ruben is a perfect mix of Labrador, Boxer, and Pitbull. He has proudly served his community for the last four years. Ruben is an incredible pup with a massive responsibility! While Chelan County itself is approximately 3,000 square miles, Ruben is the only drug dog as far as the eye can see.

Actually, it’s a lot farther than that. He is responsible for sniffing out drugs for approximately an 8,000 square mile area! That’s a sniffer that works A LOT of overtime!


“K9 Ruben plays a vital role in the fight against drugs in the valley. Already in 2020, Ruben has had 61calls for service and 56 positive alerts,” wrote the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department. “He has accounted for 4 firearms seized, $8,818, 19 Suboxon, 55 Xanax, 93 Oxycodone, 24 ounces of Meth, 18.9 ounces of Heroin. Ruben is also utilized for school demonstrations.”

He’s Conquered The First Hurdle To Beating Cancer

Ruben’s cancer diagnosis came as a bit of a shock since he is just four years old. Many police K9s work for around nine years. This means that Ruben’s community is depending on him for many more drug busts!

Thankfully, Ruben’s cancerous lump on his hind leg was recently removed. However, his long term treatment plan has yet to be determined. One thing is for certain: Ruben is ready to get back to work!’

“K9 Ruben’s surgery to remove the cancer from his hind leg was successful. He is recovering quietly at home but does not like the fact that he can’t go to work while in recovery,” the Chelan County Sheriff recently posted on Facebook.


Ruben is a vital member of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department. He was adopted as a puppy from the local shelter. Ruben joined the Chelan County Sheriff’s Department in 2016. Little did Ruben know that he would quickly become a local hero! The Masonic Lodge in Wenatchee made Ruben’s career possible.

“Ruben Rose was a sheriff’s deputy here for many many years and was a longtime member of the Masons. When Ruben Rose passed away, the Masons paid for all of Rubens training and start-up equipment including outfitting a car,” said Sergeant Bruce Long.

Sergeant Long also says Ruben is a “big clown” weighing in at a loveable 70 pounds!

K9 Ruben’s surgery was paid for by the Chelan County K9 Donation Fund. The fund relies solely on donations from the public. If you’re interested in helping Ruben and other K9s with their medical care, you can send donations here:

Chelan County K9 Donation Fund
401 Washington St #1
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Get well soon, Ruben! We’re rooting for you!

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h/t: ChelanCountySheriffsDepartment/Facebook

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