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It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.

All messages are best received when delivered in the right language – both literally and figuratively. Sometimes the best way to reach an audience is through traditional, conventional methods…other times its better to catch them by surprise in unexpected ways.

We don’t work for clients. We work with them.

Our success is intertwined with the goals of our clients. We find that our best work is produced when there is strong collaboration. As part of your team, our team confidently voices opinions but also listens with open an open mind. Sometimes the best ideas emerge from healthy, creative conflicts.

The only constant, changes.

We live in an exciting age of technology that is changing the way we communicate. Our workplace fosters an open-minded, learning environment that pushes our team to embrace change and leverage shifting trends to reach our goals.

Efficiently effective.

Technology today allows our savvy consumers to filter and bypass commercial messages like never before. It’s no longer about the message simply breaking through, it’s about being welcomed and invited in. On-target ads, creative, strategic media placement and curating stories that spark conversation will stretch your dollars tremendously, providing a greater return on investment.

Public education experience

Our expertise brings a rich body of experience working in the public education and social marketing sector. We successfully combine education and promotion with the latest marketing and communications techniques for clients seeking to reach specific audiences to change perceptions and behaviors.

City of Pasadena/Flintridge Center

Real Change Movement – A public education campaign to educate and inform the public about the issue of homelessness, increase awareness about homeless services available in the community, and generate funds for local service providers.

California Emerging Technology Fund

Get Connected! Initiative – Social marketing campaign to break down barriers and address misconceptions about broadband internet and encourage the adoption of broadband internet to close the digital divide that exists in California.

Department of Public Works

Used Motor Oil and Oil Filter Recycling – A public education campaign that targets “Do-It-Yourself (DIY) oil changers.  The program encourages proper recycling of used motor oil and oil filters and educates residents about the harmful effects of illegal waste-dumping.

Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communication Strategies – To inform and engage the community about the planning efforts and the impact of transportation on the environment.

Environmental experience

Some of our current and past environmental projects include:


Proper Oil Change Awareness and Used Motor Oil and Filter Recycling – A public education campaign that informed California residents about oil change best practices based on appropriate mileage intervals.  The award-winning “Check Your Number” campaign was launched as a multicultural and multilingual public education campaign.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (Public Works)

Used Motor Oil and Oil Filter Recycling – We successfully worked with Public Works to reach residents throughout the county through multicultural marketing, communications, and public outreach campaign.  The ongoing campaign includes hosting proprietary events throughout Los Angeles County to educate and encourage proper recycling.  We also conduct jurisdiction outreach to local Cities and Unincorporated Areas and makes quarterly stormwater presentations for the 84 city stormwater coordinators of Los Angeles County.

Santa Fe Springs

Regional Used Motor Oil & Filter Collection Program – An environmental education program that was designed to educate residents and to promote proper used motor oil and oil filter recycling habits through media outreach, functional item production, and distribution, and proprietary “used oil filter exchange” events.