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China and Mexico Open Direct Route

CSA plans to open the first route to Central America, Guangzhou to Mexico City, by the end of this year. This route would be the first that connects these two countries with splendid histories, internationalized economies, and flourishing culture at a time where international tourism to both countries is expected to rise according to US domestic reports.

The route between Guangzhou and Mexico City will transit through Vancouver, Canada. This new route will have 3 round trips each week. The environmentally friendly Boeing-787 can adjust cabinet humidity and Boeing B777-300er’s semi-enclosed design will increase passenger room by 40 percent. Mexico City will become CSA’s the sixth location in North America, following Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto, and will function as the gateway to Central and South America.

The route between Guangzhou and Mexico is dedicated to serving Chinese travelers as well as business and leisure travelers in Central and South America. Additionally, CSA will provide air and land transport services to travelers transiting through mainland China. CSA provides a 72-hour free transit visa (applicable to 51 countries) and free accommodation (over 8 hours transit) to international flight transit travelers.

The opening of the route between Guangzhou and Mexico will further improve CSA’s international network and benefit passengers with safer, faster and more comfortable travel experience. China Southern Airlines, a SkyTeam airline alliance member, is China’s largest airline with the widest route network has the highest annual passenger traffic. It has long been CSA’s standard that the “customer always comes first.” As of June 30th, 2016, CSA recorded 16.87 million hours of safe-flight time over 264 consecutive months. More than 900 million passengers have been safely transported and the safety management level is among the highest in the world.

China Southern Airlines has over 2,000 aircraft, flying to over 40 countries and regions every day. Through the close partnership with the SkyTeam alliance members, CSA has developed an even wider network that includes 1,062 destinations around the world, connecting 177 countries and regions.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, the heart of the Asia-Pacific region and the core gateway of the southern part of China, CSA is dedicated to building the “Canton Route” as an international hub. Today Guangzhou is known as the main gateway between Mainland China and Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Under the “One Belt One Road” strategy positioning, China Southern Airlines continues to upgrade its international operating capacity. 2016 route expansions included the opening of routes between Guangzhou and Adelaide and Guangzhou and Toronto.

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