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SS20 Men & Women Spring Summer in Milan

Balenciaga Spring 2020 Collection, Courtesey of PR

Streamed live in September, this season, designers managed to garner some attention with a dramatic switch to edgy minimalism and a nod to their brands’ past.

At the Gucci Hub in Milan, Italy the Gucci Spring Summer 2020 collection by Alessandro Michele embraced the closing phrase on the show.

Fashion as a space of poetical self-affirmation where the desire of the self can shine.

The Music Direction came from Alessandro Michele and Steve Mackey. The soundtrack was composed and produced by Jacques Auberger.

Classic brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, and Mugler had great presentations that to my surprise greatly deviated from the overly trendy and hyped streetwear looks of the recent past.

Designers decided that their spring/summer 2020 looks were going to be polished, elegant, sexy, edgy, and minimal; and I was more than happy to welcome real clothes, real design, and real style.

What was really special to see from these three brands was the blast to the past moments that were created during their runway presentations.

They all managed to in some way reinterpret signature looks from their brands archive and present them again in a new, much more fresh way.

It is great to see that there is still some respect and honor left for the work of the original creators of these major fashion houses.

We look forward to seeing more of this style in the near future.

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