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Paper Checks.

Recently, I found out about Simple’s free, and I repeat, free check service. The branded utility of this paper check comes useful to many including me.

I used Bank of America’s Business and a regular checking account that would charge me 100 bucks a stack. I ended my relationships with Bank of America, as I found it expensive for such little movements as opposed to Simple’s small but economical, tailored approach, in this instance, free.

I highly recommend this way of payment for people spending 15 bucks per cashiers and processing fees on rent days or miscellaneous but simple transactions.

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Photo via Simple.

This bank saves a ton of money since it is online-based-banking, but the value comes to the consumer in the power of the mobile application — but still keeping the power of traditional banking.

For example, there is a time and a place for good ‘ole paper checks, and when those moments arise even when you can’t afford the checks themselves, you need to pay dues, so I ended my relationship with my first bank.

I said goodbye to my car dealership’s checking account numbers along with every vendor charging those accounts and inconvenience fees. I figured they can get ahold of me if they wanted to, but, I reclaimed my pocketbook and it felt good.

Now with Simple, at SPACES, where I lease my office, between our accounting disputes, we resolve in my favor based on my ability to my pull records, issue, cancel, or approve transactions. Loyalty, to me, is everything, and I expect these gestures of use for cheap or free.

Clean accounting for the Win.

You hold the pen, you tell them how and when they get paid. Here are some reminders about why having access to paper checks will always be a superior financial flex in these vulture business games.

  1. IT helps to avoid carrying bulk cash which is very risky especially in modern days.
  2. Crossed checks are safe for remittance purposes. In case of fraud, the payee or endorsee can be found out.
  3. Payments/salaries received through checks are safe. It creates evidence for having made the payments.
  4. When payments/salaries are made through checks, giving receipts are not necessary.
  5. All check payments will be recorded in the books of the bank. No necessity to keep a separate record of all payments made.
  6. Checks can be transferred from person to person. This will help one to make payments to sellers of goods and services.
  7. Printing of more currency notes can be avoided when checks are used to make payments.
  8. Handling of huge cash on a daily basis is avoided.
  9. Widespread use of checks eliminates black money to a large extent in the economy.


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