Tuna Sort out For Newcomers: 5 Baits You Will Love

Tuna is a highly migratory species found all over the world – from New Zealand to Nova Scotia and North Carolina to Mexico. There are different species of tuna that differ in size, weight, properties and location. This means that fishing techniques and tuna gear can differ based on these variables and more. If you're looking to try your hand at tuna fishing, here is a list of five safe baits to add to your tuna shopping list.

1. Trolling lure with rock

There are many types of trolling lures, from jet heads to chuggers. The brightly colored skirts and metallic elements add movement and shine that tuna attract. Rig with Ballyhoo or other bait for a more realistic profile.

2. Diving bait

Tuna is often found 60 to 100 feet below the surface. When it comes to tuna, add lip bait to your trolling spread that goes deep into tuna territory.

3. Feather bait

Lures with a polished metal head and long, brightly colored feathers create “smoke” in the water that almost always urges you to strike.

4. Cedar stud

Tuna is a secret weapon in an arsenal of tuna fishing tackle and cannot withstand the buoyancy of these solid wood plugs. Soak in a bait scent for added effectiveness.

5. Topwater plugs

If tuna burst bait on the surface, tie up a topwater bait and throw it into the frenzy. Use a topwater stopper or try a popper for extra attractive water movement

Remember, bait is key to getting any fish to bite. The only way you know is to try different types of tuna fishing tackle until you find the bait that works best for you. Nothing beats experience! Before you go, make sure your fishing license is up to date. Get your fishing license online. Tight lines!

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