Using Gift Cards to Buy Dog Food

Gift cards have come a long way since I gave my uncle that card. Now just about every shop offers them, both physical and online. Many are multi-platform, and some are even prepaid Visa or Mastercard cards.

Gift cards come in all shapes, sizes and flavors and are continually growing in popularity. There is a reason for this, they work. Both for the retailer as well as the customer. But why are they so popular? Below are some of the reasons that gift cards are so popular and why they might just make that perfect gift in the holiday season.

Everyone wants one

Let’s face it, we’ve all received some horrible gifts in our time. I freely confess to being a buyer of horrible gifts. In my time I bought a bottle of aftershave for a bearded uncle and of course there was the Christmas that I gave a large percentage of my family reindeer socks.

But with a gift card there are no more forced smiles, everyone loves a gift card. There is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to soothe the post-holiday blues and the gift card is a guilt free way of achieving this.

They Save the Planet

Okay I exaggerate, but in their little way they do, and they save you money into the bargain. Imagine having to post that sweater you bought on Amazon to your cousin who was inconsiderate enough to move to a distant land. Save the postage and save shipping it halfway round the world and send them an electronic gift card instead.

Everyone wins and they probably wouldn’t like the sweater anyway.

They save you money

Gift cards will save you money and not just on the postage. The problem with gift shopping is that you always spend that little bit more than you’d put aside. Temptation will rear its ugly head. With a gift card that isn’t so, you set a sum aside and you know you will never be tempted to just get them the next model up, or maybe I’ll get them the sweater with the flashing LED’s.

With a gift card there are no such temptations.

They can support local businesses

We’ve talked a lot about buying online in this article. But gift cards can be a boon for local businesses too, and supporting your local economy is always a good thing. Most local shops now offer a gift card scheme and buying a gift card will help support them through what is a difficult time for everyone.

You can buy necessities like dog food

You can buy gift cards at a discount on a site like and use that gift card to buy dog food at your local pet shop or big box pet supply chain. Whether you shop local at a small shop or at one of the big stores, a discount VISA gift card will work for you and your little fur baby!

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