With the assistance of different cats, kitten with blurred hair and unbridled vitality will thrive and discover the household of her goals

A kitten that came to the shelter all by itself began to thrive with the help of other cats and a foster family.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

One kitten was taken to a San Jose, California animal shelter as a singleton. She needed a nursing home and a lot of socialization. Laura Malone of Mini Cat Town did not hesitate to take her into her care.

The kitten named Roz was covered in dust. After a badly needed bath, her coat changed from brown to light gray. She transformed into a tiny baby bear with her blurry hair, large paws, and long whiskers that went in all directions.

"She purred loudly the moment she saw me and loved sitting on my lap while I stroked her," shared Laura Love Meow.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

"Roz is a character. She loves people and is not scared at all. She makes biscuits (kneads) wildly as if her life depends on them."

As a lone kitten, Roz didn't have the concept of boundaries or gentle play with her human friends. Once she was settled in, her wild side came out in full swing.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

"She loved to playfully nibble and scratch attacks. She was a crazy little dynamo. She made little squeaks and chuckles as she zigzagged around her pen," added Laura.

The kitten was filled with so much energy that it didn't seem to have an off switch.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

Laura and her family began to work teaching her to calm down and cuddle around people.

"We made sure she had lots of toys and stuffed animals to play with. She loved climbing, wrestling with her stuffed animals, and running around."

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

Her house cat Mochi came to offer a helping paw. He took the kitten under his wing, showed her the ropes and taught her how to use her unbridled energy.

"He was so helpful and patient with this little one."

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

Blueberry, the resident Siamese, did not want to put up with Roz & # 39; gadgets and set the rules for the little troublemaker.

Check out the kitten and its care journey in this cute video:

Roz the kitten


"Unlike Mochi, he's not going to try to be a 'cool uncle' to one of those fur babies. He taught Roz to respect his boundaries. I was surprised she actually listened."

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

With the help of the older cats, Roz began to learn how to contain their energies, be gentle with people, and even enjoy cuddling.

"This girl is non-stop. But when she finally slows down, the cuddles and purrs are absolutely worth it!"

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

When it came time to find her forever home, they knew that Roz needed a very playful buddy to let off steam with.

"With her high energy and super smart personality, we knew she would need a kitty friend who could keep up!"

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

At that time Maansi from San Francisco was looking for a companion for her beloved cat Merlin.

"Merlin was such an energetic little kitten and we felt he could use a playmate," Maansi told Love Meow.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

She came across Roz on Instagram and was instantly amazed by her wild and fiery personality. She knew the kitten would keep Merlin busy.

She reached for the rescue and it turned out to be a perfect match.

Laura Malone in Mini Cat Town

Roz (now renamed Pari) moved into her new home and quickly claimed it as her own. Within a few days, the little Spitfire and her new friend Merlin really bonded.

"They became best friends, fat as thieves," said Maansi.


"Pari was still very young, so Merlin played the role of big brother, teaching her how to use the litter box and cleaning it. In return, she offered him endless entertainment and became his trusted accomplice in his disaster."

After Pari has found a big brother who has the same desire, the kitten follows his lead and together they go around the house planning all kinds of antics.


When they need to recharge, they curl up side by side and fall asleep as a duo.

"These two have brought us more joy and endless entertainment over the past few months than we could ever have imagined."


"They grow up quickly, but it's really wonderful to see them grow closer to us and to each other over time."


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